5 Steps to Reduce Energy Consumption

The rising cost of energy is placing factory managers under increased pressure to optimise their facility’s energy performance.  Here are 5 easy steps with which to start:
  1. Optimise Lighting – Cut down on lighting empty areas and consider installing occupancy detection systems.  LED and high efficiency fluorescent lighting can also help reduce energy.  Matching light levels exactly to the requirement of each activity will ensure you are not providing more light than is necessary.
  2. Fix Leaks – Air lines are notorious for leaks, with many regarding them as the norm.  Fixing them will reduce the running hours of compressors; cutting energy usage and lengthening the life of the machines.
  3. Control Draughts – Installing air-locks and/or high speed doors will minimise wasted energy by keeping the heat and reducing cold draughts around loading areas in the colder weather.
  4. Reclaim heat –In winter you can reclaim excess heat at high levels and recirculate it at ground level, reducing load on space heaters. This can be achieved with downforce fans or by fitting recirculation modules on roof mounted air inlet systems.
  5. Segregate – Both heating and lighting requirements for stock are very different from those of production. Segregating the two activities stops unnecessary heating of stock and opens the possibility of keeping production staff warm.

As you analyse the workings of your facility, you can further improve its energy performance by identifying and fixing similar inefficiencies that at first sight appear insignificant but can result in a build-up of unnecessary electricity use.

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