How to Divide Warehouse Space

Dividing a large warehouse using traditional methods is an expensive business. The Durascreen™ Warehouse Partitioning System however,  is a modular walling system, designed specifically for dividing large industrial spaces with minimal investment and maximum flexibility. In use since the late 1980’s, the system has proved to be a great solution for dividing warehouses.


Many warehousing companies share facilities for different types of goods. A great way of rapidly segregating different types of product is the use of internal walling. Traditional, permanent wall systems are time-consuming to install, more expensive and are not easily relocatable. Durascreen can be easily relocated, altered and added to; offering companies the flexibility demanded of them.

Privacy Screens

Some companies require a certain amount of privacy in product storage, the storage of a new product line until it’s launch date is an example we often come across. Again this problem can be solved using the non-translucent versions of Durascreen™.

An Easily Removable Solution

Businesses needs vary massively and when a company chooses a building, that building is often picked based on the best overall fit. Very often this means the installation of internal dividing walls, sometimes referred to as warehouse demising walls, is necessary in order to make the best use of space.  As landlords generally want the building returned in it’s original state at the end of a lease period, this mean that businesses need a removable solution. The Durascreen Warehouse Partitioning System is just that.

Other Advantages

There are many other advantages and possibilities in using Durascreen Warehouse Dividing Walls. Here are just a few of the many :

  • Especially suitable for use in very tall and large buildings
  • Clean and Fast installation
  • Contain airborne dust, odours and fibrous debris
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Contain product processing noise and fumes
  • Limit Individual access to secure areas
  • Create separate working environments in the same vicinity

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